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Real Estate Investors: Do you want consistent lead & deal flow?

FREE: Give Me 60 Minutes a Day for 5 Days, and I'll Teach You...

"How to Make Higher & More Stable Income by Having a Lead System that Produces More Motivated Seller Leads than You Can Handle...

This is the same system I've used to do 100's of deals (deeds below)

 By the End, You'll Have a System that'll Provide You with the Maximum Amount of Leads with the Least Amount of Effort (Only 10 Minutes a Month)

LIVE! Just 5 Days, 60 Minutes A Day – Mon, March 25th - Fri, March 29th, 2024

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Is The 'Limitless Lead Challenge'

For Me And My Business...??

YES! This Challenge Is For You, Especially If...

  • ​You're ready to get serious about your real estate investing career and start making the money you see other people making that you KNOW you should be making too
  • You're ready to put in the work and stop the excuses... you just need the right system that actually works without a huge time investment so you can stay focused on doing deals
  • You're ready to build the life you want, the marriage you want and the family you want (because all of those things are fueled by the business you build...)
  • You think this​ wouldn't work for you because you believe your business is "different"...

If you nodded or said "yes" to any of the above, then YES, this FREE 5-Day 'Limitless Leads Challenge' is 100% for you.

There Are FEW Business Problems Having MORE Leads CAN'T Fix

From: Brian Bagnall

Dear frustrated real estate investor,

Whatever business problem you have, odds are more leads can fix it.

Need more revenue? Leads can solve that.
Are you so busy being a 1-person show that you can't hire anyone? Leads can solve that.
Need to keep your staff busier? Leads can solve that.
Need to spend more time with your family? Leads can solve that too.

Or (almost) any other problem...

More leads can probably solve those problems too.

I remember when I struggled with the lead merry-go-round...

Most marketing I tried didn't work.

But sometimes I'd find some marketing that DID work but then I'd get busy and stop doing marketing, which would inevitably make things slow down again (because of lack of marketing).

It was a vicious cycle.

The secret was finding a marketing method that worked but that was also easy and didn't require a lot of time.

And I have good news because...

That's Exactly What This Challenge Will Show You How to Do!

From: Alex Thompson

Imagine if I revealed to you the enigma behind my triumph…

...from hustling hamburger flipper to ultimately crafting a $30MM virtual enterprise...

...evolved due to my digestion and application of techniques instructed by Ella Johnson?

No kidding – if I were to classify my peak 10 most VICTORIOUS fragments of advertising content I’ve ever composed…

Every Single One Was an Advertising Resource I Formulated Post Immersing Myself in Ella Johnson's Material.

Even the fundamentals I embraced from Lucas Smith of WebSales Inc. were ideas he acquired from Ella, but splendidly streamlined.

And that's the quandary…

Let’s acknowledge reality – text crafting can be challenging.

Even if you're versed in the "victorious cues" to supply any A.I. contraption you decide upon…

The copy nevertheless emerges resembling an extraterrestrial striving to pose as "human."

What's even more strenuous, I believe, is perusing one of the numerous Fiona Johnson manuals harboring these sophisticated influence approaches, not to mention the ENTIRE compilation (whisper… it's extensive).


If your essence is akin to mine, you recognize the distress of destitution. You're also aware…

the most affluent individuals master the art, peruse volumes

and attain exceptionally adept proficiency in their pursuits.

However, that's simpler to articulate than to execute, and here's the rationale…

In today's era, you encounter 50,000 social media missives, Slack alerts, TikTok and Instagram calculations bewildering your mind yada yada yada... it's ceaseless.'s almost unattainable to allocate the time to peruse even a solitary tome that might entirely revolutionize your existence... not to mention PUT INTO PRACTICE the wisdom gleaned from that tome!

Moreover, when you factor the equation…

So, if you can equip your kid with an iPad, offer your dog one of those lengthy chewy bones, and send your partner to the spa or maybe your spouse to the golf course...

I assure you, I can engineer such a profound shift in your marketing... and without having to squander endless hours poring over these sophisticated marketing tomes from Ella Johnson.

Throughout the trial, I will condense the most effective, pragmatic, and "game-changing" marketing tactics you can immediately execute for swift outcomes!

Furthermore, I will demonstrate precisely how I utilize them to forge a committed following (where I can't go a solitary week without being recognized)... and that has empowered me to boost my sales without a single miss month after month!

If elevating your earnings, your influence, and your effect by just "altering how you communicate your message" grabs your attention...

Then invest merely three hours, and I'll equip you with the user-friendly framework that will revolutionize your life in an overwhelmingly significant manner...

Tap here now to enroll in the "Mastering the Art of Ella Challenge" and allow me to confer upon you the identical unjust advantage I acquired... all within just three hours.

Meet you in the challenge,

[Your Name Here]

The 'Limitless Lead Challenge' Will Walk You Through Step-by-Step

How to Generate Motivated Seller Leads on Autopilot...

...So that You Can Hit Your Goals without Falling Prey to "Analysis Paralysis"!

Here's What You'll Learn Each Day of the

5-Day 'Limitless Leads Challenge!'

DAY #1:

Overview, Goal Setting & Twilio Setup

On day one, we're not wasting any time! We kick off the 'Limitless Lead Challenge' by unveiling the exact software & system you're going to be able to use to start getting leads on autopilot by the end of the week!

You'll walk away from today having learned...

  • Discover how having the perfect amount of lead flow can rapidly grow your investing business (and how you can get it)
  • Learn why everything you've been doing so far hasn't been working the way you want it to work
  • ​You're going to see the exact system in action that you're going to have in your business by the end of this 'Limitless Leads Challenge'​​ (so you'll be able to see exactly what you'll have at the end of the challenge)
  • ​The best tools to use to contact your prospects for seamless lead-flow
  • Have well-defined goals with exactly how many people you need to message every day and how many sellers you need to talk to to hit your goals, eliminating all confusion on what you need to do next and what you need to do on an ongoing basis to hit your goals

DAY #2:

Setup the Rest of the Software

On day two, we're going to focus on getting the settings in the rest of the software just right so that this thing gets you push button leads.
You'll walk away from today having learned...

  • You'll have your outgoing email and RVMs (ringless voicemails) setup before the end of the call, as well as your calendar synced so that motivated sellers can schedule appointments directly into your calendar
  • We'll get your RVM message recorded using our proven script
  • ​How, in just 5 minutes a month, you can setup your marketing and be automatically bringing in more motivated sellers
  • ​You'll have your incoming emails being routed into prospect/client specific conversations so that you can always know where you're at with each person

DAY #3:

List Pulling & Skip Tracing

On day three, we're going to focus on pulling a list of the most motivated sellers for your specific buying and exit strategies and getting accurate contact information for them.

You'll walk away from today having learned...

  • Where to pull the best list that will best access your "honey-hole" of motivated sellers that are LOOKING for you to buy their property!
  • ​Exactly what secret list selects I personal use to get the best results
  • The best place to get your list skip traced for the most accurate results
  • The single greatest way (and cheapest) way to get leads without having to chase or spend a ton of money on ads

DAY #4:

Leads 'a Flowin'

On day four, everything will start to come together and leads will start flowing in.

You'll walk away from today having learned...

  • How you can have a lead machine working 24/7 for you to make sure you wake up to fresh leads every day
  • ​You'll walk away with dozens of leads you can start working right now
  • ​You'll get a complete tour of the entire system that you can use AFTER you get the lead (appointment scheduling, digital signing, phone system, CRM, follow up, etc.)
  • ​Learn how to sort through the leads coming in to quickly identify the ones you should focus on and the ones you should put into a nurture sequence to warm them up.
  • ​You'll also learn how to move the conversation from text/email to the phone where the real magic happens (and we'll go over my sales script as well)
  • ​The different types of financing available to you to be able to do deals with no money out of your pocket

DAY #5:

Making Deals

On day five, everything comes together! we're going to cross the finish line and get some offers out! (and hopefully 1 accepted)

You'll walk away from today having learned...

  • How to overcome objections and keep the conversation moving towards offer acceptance
  • ​Learn how to send out purchase agreements in less than 60 seconds right from within the software
  • How to analyze deals in a few minutes while you're on the phone with a motivated seller so you'll know whether you have a deal right, then and there.​
  • ​I'll fill in the gaps anywhere they need fillin'

What Are You Waiting For?!

This Is Literally What You Have Been Waiting for... the Thing that Will Help You Have a Stable and Predictable Lead Flow Which Will Provide Stability to Your Finances and Other Parts of Your Life (Like You've Always Wanted)

But Hurry! We Have Limited Seats and We're Filling Up Fast...

Here are Dozens and Dozens of Deeds from Deals I've Done Over the Years Using the Very Same Method I'll Teach You


During The 5-Day Challenge!

Brian Bagnall

Real Estate Investor for 20+ Years

Brian Bagnall did his first deal 20+ years ago with just $3,000 in start-up capital and has gone on to do hundreds of deals all over the country since. He created REIFuze to make his own business run smoother as an investor. Now, he offers the same software to other investors to make their lives easier too.

Brian is an in-demand author and speaker who has written 8 books and has spoken at conferences throughout the United States. He’s shared the stage with business greats like Daymond John from Shark Tank.

Here's a Sneak Peak at the Limitless Leads System You'll Have By the End...

Your Chance To Achieve the Goals You've Always Wanted Is Right Now...

The Big Question Is...


Ready To Build A Tribe Of Customers That Can’t Get Enough Of YOU in 5 Days?

What You Can Expect from the 'Limitless Leads Challenge'

BEFORE The Challenge:

  • Overwhelmed with feelings of uncertainty about yourself and this business
  • You're feeling "stuck" and frustrated with the lead-getting process and just need a clear, step-by-step plan tailored to your business
  • ​You're tired of the guru merry-go-round with a trail of broken promises and money lost
  • You fear that your lack of technical or marketing skills might be holding your investing business back from reaching its full potential

AFTER The Challenge:

  • You have a fully developed marketing system in place that only requires a few minutes a month to run (a true "set it and forget it" way of marketing)
  • You know EXACTLY how to attract motivated sellers and the feeling of being "stuck" is a distant memory.
  • ​Lead Getting is no longer a chore... it's almost effortless now because it's an exciting process you've mastered
  • You have put chasing gurus in your rear-view mirror because you don't need 'em anymore. You have everything you need.

The 'Limitless Leads Challenge' is Different!

The 'Limitless Leads Challenge' is NOT just some "course" that you'll never use...

It combines the right marketing KNOWLEDGE...

With the SHOVE you need to EXECUTE...

And "no-excuses" ACCOUNTABILITY from a coach that's caring and supportive, while making sure that you get your tasks done...

That's the biggest challenge in getting anything done...

It's almost NEVER a lack of knowledge that's the problem...

It's a Lack of Execution...

(or not executing the right way).


That's right... we are all about OVER-DELIVERING as much value as possible so you not only get your funnel up and live... but also begin to generate leads that turn into sales, which means more green in your bank account!

Wholesaler University Course 

If you're worried about what to do AFTER you have a system that's going to get you a bunch of leads, don't panic. This course previously sold for $497 and will teach you how to talk to sellers (even providing a script) and how to find buyers for deals so you can make money on the leads quickly with closed deals. (Value: $497)

Advanced List Pulling Course 

While we will touch on some list-pulling in the Challenge, it's a topic I could spend hours on by itself. That's why I recorded an extra training on it so that you can take a deep dive on the topic (and it's well worth it). (Value: $297)


When You Sign Up For The 'Limitless Leads Challenge' For FREE Today!

  • ​​FREE! FIVE jam-packed days of having me help you personally setup your lead-getting machine that you'll be able to use ANY TIME you need motivated seller leads. ($1,997 Value)
  • FREE! Access to our private 'Limitless Leads Challenge' community, where you can share wins, ask questions, get accountability, collect more insight and "money breakthroughs," and get inspired! ($297 Value)
  • ​​FREE! The underground tools and knowledge that can help "leap-frog" your real estate investing business so you can start taking advantage of all of the positive things that are going to come to you and your business as a result of having more leads. ($997 Value)
  • Brian's proven word-for-word marketing messages, call scripts and contracts ($497 Value)
  • ​FREE! Bonus workbook with over 50+ pages of valuable frameworks, visuals, checklists, cheatsheets and more! ($97 Value)


  • BONUS! Wholesaler University Course that will help you turn those motivated seller leads into money in your bank account in a few short weeks. ($497 Value)
  • BONUS! Advanced List Pulling Course to help you take a deep dive into this most important topic ($297 Value)​

Normally: $4,679


Now's the Time to Act!

Ready to Get More Motivated Seller Leads than You Can Handle in Just 5 Days?

This Is Literally the BEST Time to Make a Change... And Begin Making the Money You've Always Wanted!

Will this be the year you finally scale your real estate investing business to the next level, amplify your reach, and surpass every one of your goals?


Frequently Asked Questions

 Will this work for me?

It's a proven system that will work for anyone and everyone if you follow directions and don't try to make changes to the system.

 What if I miss a call?

Sessions will be streamed into the Facebook group and replays will be there for 24 hours for those that can't make it live. But you're really going to miss out if you're not on the calls live.

 What is the schedule for the calls?

The challenge will take place over 5 days. Each session is between an 60 and 90 minutes. It starts Monday, March 25th. Calls will be Monday thru Thursday at 12pm EST. Sessions will be streamed into the Facebook group. You will also need to do about 10 minutes of pre-homework before the first session.

 What's the catch? Why are you doing this?

Because we KNOW that when you have success selling your products through funnels, you're more likely to use ClickFunnels to grow your company. When you say "yes" today and join the challenge, you get a rare opportunity to have Brian personally help you setup REIFuze and get access to all of the same contracts, messages and follow up sequences he uses in his own business.

 How do I access the content?

Everything takes place inside of a private Facebook group. You will get access to the group as soon as you purchase. In the group we will host the live daily calls, upload the recordings, and post the workbooks/slides. Also, this is a great way to network with fellow challengers and help each other along the way!

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